Indoor karting

Whether you’re considering putting your skills to the test in our ultimate LeMans style race, or upstaging your best man in a bid to claim the Grand Prix crown, we’ve got the perfect package for you and your party.

All groups are booked onto one event which is held on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at the 450 meter multilevel track with flyover in the petrol 200cc kart, travelling at up to 40 mph where the average lap time is 34 seconds . Race length and team sizes are decided a few days prior to the event as are dependent on the final amount of groups and drivers. The more drivers there are the more people per team but the longer the race!! Typical events last for approx. 2.5 hours (this includes signing in, kitting up, safety briefing & presentation time). Each driver is guaranteed between 20 -25 minutes on track.

There is a spectator area for viewing, and a bar area where food and drink is available, as is free parking.

Time 2/2.5 hours
Venue  Lancing

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